More tales from an ex-car thief

I told you last time about VW's and how damn easy they are to steal, especially the older ones. 30 seconds and I'm gone outta there.

This one time I stole a Passat. It's was fucking cold out so breaking the steering was no problems I thought. I few good kicks and it was ready to roll. I start it up and take off. I am making my way to see the guy who usually took the cars from me when I was done. I make my way over to the freeway. I see the last turn to get me up the on-ramp. I turn right and the steering wheel locks back up! I can't straighten it and I smash right into the guardrail and almost through it. I panic and grab my tools, head into the closest neighbourhood and then found a BMW 535i. I had a easy time taking that one, once I got inside. Off I went and ended up getting more cause it was a beemer!

I've got a heap of these stories. More later.

Location kept secret

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