Spring break and I witness a murder.

Went home to BC for spring break in ’01. A few of us guys head to a bar in Vancouver. After drinks and shooters we’re feeling no pain. The end of the night comes and we go outside where we talk about the plan. They want to party, I’m feeling drunk and want a bed. They decide to go check out some after hours place. I leave them and head to Subway to get some food. Secret is that I actually wanted to soak up some of the rye that was in my gut so I would not wake up with a hangover. I figured food then cab then bed.

I walk down the side street and then right smack dab in to a loud argument/fight between 5 or 6 men. They were shouting back and forth. One guy kept saying “You know who the FUCK I am?” At the time I found that funny. I hate when people say that in a n argument.

Then it happens. I hear at least four shots just as I’m crossing the street to avoid the group. All I can remember at that point is that I started running and didn’t stop for a block at least. I found a cab and got the hell out of there.

A day later it was all over the news that it was a Hell's Angel. I started freaking right out. I had seen all the people involved. The last thing I needed on vacation was this bullshit. I never mentioned to anyone. I thought it was best keep my mouth shut. Until today, I guess lol

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