Another jail story

Besides getting my ass kicked by the goon squad I took part in and witnessed some serious beating while inside. One in particular still freaks me out.

Tony was one of the cons with the most time on our range. Word spread quickly when a new guy came on the scene. Tony told a few of us that he had a old school beef with the new guy. A beef from the street that never got settled.

Word spread quickly and you could see the tension right away. The new guy headed to his cell right away and I was sure he'd crack before dinner. He didn't but instead kept his ass in his cell.

Dinner comes and goes, I barely notice the new guy as he quietly grabs his grub and heads back in the cell. I see Tony eyeballing him. I know shit's going down.

After we watch COPS it's time to for early lock-up. The new guy is quick to take to his cell and his cell mate goes in too. I see Tony get angry because he's missed his chance for tonight.

...It was like some shit in a movie. A red mist erupted from the new's guy head. Blood sprayed up against the wall. I was like a deer in hedlights...

I take late lock-up after playing cards for a bit.

Morning comes and beakfast is there. New guy again takes his food and bolts inside his cell. He doesn't make eye contact and doesn't speak to anyone. We all go to cells and eat. Then they let us back out to put our trays away and start cleaning.

The food cart goes out and the cleaning supplies come in. BUckets with cleaners and rags and a bucket full of soapy water and a squeegee mop.

Tony takes the mop and bucket and start cleaning the shower along with a couple other of his homeboys.

New guy is busy stripping his cell and cleaning.

I see the new guy's cell mate go into the shower where Tony tells his something. Cell mate goes into cell, talks to the new guy for a second and they both head into the bathroom together. I move around so I can see right inside. A few other guys and I take turns walking by the door, trying to not look too obvious.

I walk past again holding my book as if I am going to read and them it happens. One of Tony's homeboys pushes the new guy back against the shower wall and starts punching him.

As this happens, I see Tony calmly look at the cell mate and smile. The cell mate books out of the shower and goes in his cell.

Tony reaches down and grabs the squeegee and raises it above his head. I used it before and it waas heavy. Made of hard plastic and steel bolts and shit. Tony shouts something at the new guy as he brings it down. Tony's homeboy jumps out of the way just as Tony's cracks the new guy in the head with the squeegee.

It was like some shit in a movie. A red mist erupted from the new's guy head. Blood sprayed up against the wall. I was like a deer in hedlights. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Like watching an accident video clip over and over agan.

...His partner radios someone and then sirens are going off. He starts yelling at everyone to go back into the cells...

The new guy crumbles and Tony's hits him again, this time it glances off his cheek. It tears the skin and some of the muscle from the guys face. he looks gruesome and has his hands up begging Tony to stop. Tony throws the squeege to his homie who cleans it off and puts it back in the bucket. He wets the mop, then wrings it out with the squeegee and then starts mopping like nothing is happening.

Tony leans down to the guy and grabs his jumpsuit to pull him closer. I can't hear what he tell him but the new guy looks like he's staring at death.

As Tony tell his whatever, I take a better look at the new guy. He head is laid open as if someone came along and carved a big slice off the side of his head. I can see the greyish bone of his skull. His cheek hangs down beside his jaw. It is more jagged that his head wound. I figure maybe his skin was caught on the squeegee or something.

Tony continues to tell the new guy something, giving him a shake every couple of seconds. Every time he does that, his head and cheek flap. It's fucking gross.

Tony's homeboy has cleaned up most of the blood, except what is around the new guy. He goes over with a rag to clean the blood from the shower wall when suddenly someone beside me yells,"6-up!"

Tony takes off out of the shower. His homeboy drops the mop and he too gets out of there. A few seconds later a screw is at the gate, looking inside. We're all looking busy, Tony and his homeboys magically playing Bid-Whiz at one of the cleaning stuff. he rounds the corner and yells, "Holy shit!"

He turns and runs to the gate. His partner radios someone and then sirens are going off. He starts yelling at everyone to go back into the cells. We all do and watch out our windows and more guards show up along with the medical staff and a stretcher.

The new guy gets carried out and I never see him again over the next 3 years I spend inside.

word was he had major surgery and almost dies from some infection or something.

It grosses me out writing this.

Location kept secret.

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