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I work for a courier company and spend most of my days driving. I like to watch people driving in thier cars to see what they are doing. I usually find myself wondering what sort of work they do, if they are married, where they are driving to etc. I find that people watching as I drive makes the day go fast.

The story I cannot tell is that I often fantasize about pulling beside a hot guy and asking him if he wants to pull over and fuck. I am not a slut. I've had four partners and I am twenty-three. I just have visions of the look on a guy's face as I tell him to roll down his window. I imagine the shock as I tell him I think he's hot and ask him if he wants to get in the back of my truck and fuck me. I know it sounds perverted but I can't help but thinking about it, especially when I see a hot guy driving around.

It guess a need a boyfriend that likes to drive. I'll just ask him his route one day then pull up beside him and ask him. I think if I do it to a total stranger they'd think I was some sort of freak.

Name kept secret
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Anonymous said...

I think most guys would take the opportunity to get a little...I know I would! Try it, you never know how fun it could be! Make sure to have condoms on hand.....BE SAFE!