I hope Karma bites him on the ass!

He was not acting right and he knew it. He kept apologizing to me and making promises to behave. Finally, I had enough and broke things off with him. He begged me to come to his house and not do it over the phone. Why? So I can spend 2 hours in traffic (this is LA after all where we all wait in traffic), waste my time, money and gas to tell you the same thing I can tell you on the phone? Hell no!

I gave him 2 warnings. Each time he slid back into his old patterns. In baseball it is 3 strikes and you are out. Well, I had enough after he once again....behaved badly. It is really unfortunate too. We had the best sex life EVER! I am sure he is missing me. I rocked his world and was going to take him places he had never been sexually. But...he acted a fool so he had to go. That is what I get for messing with young, messed Indian guys who don't know what they want from life. I need to just leave the Indian guys alone and stick to other races. Indian men tend to be all confused about sex, their sexuality, have an inferiority complex and think they hit the jack pot when they score a white woman with blond hair and light eyes like me.

Lesson learned - leave the Indian guys from India alone! They need to get their heads screwed on straight! He is worried that Karma will bite him on the ass because he did not treat me well. Ha ha ha! Well, I sure hope it does. I hope Karma bites him and bites him hard!

No more dating Indian men. No more messing around with Indian men. No more friends with benefits with Indian men. I am done, done, done,done, done with them! It took me a couple of tries but now I get it.

white girl who learned her lesson


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