Dealing to support my education

I've been dealing to help with my tuition. To make a long story short, I ran out of money last year. Dad's wallet is empty(laid-off) and Mom's money is tied up in the house and her increasing medical bills(cancer). I felt guilty for even asking for some gas money once she was diagnosed. I worked as much as I can but I still couldn't afford to stay in school. I talked to a couple people about it and decided that I would start selling dope. I use it myself on occasion when I am cramming, but otherwise don't touch the stuff.

Now I sell to people on campus. I'm pretty careful about it and have a pretty good system in place so I don't get caught. I only sell to other adults so I am not corrupting any minors. I feel bad because I am technically a drug-dealer, but since I am putting the profits to good use I don't feel too bad usually. Am I that bad of a person????

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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