I found out that my boss was stealing my retirement money

About 4, almost 5 months ago I found out that my boss was stealing my retirement money, and the money of my co-workers as well, for about 2 years. We all found other jobs and left that company. I filed a complaint with what I though was the appropriate agency, but now that agency is advising me to go to the police. About a month ago the thief, my former boss, filed a frivolous civil lawsuit against me and my former co-workers and our new employers. It's a frickin' nightmare. We had to hire an attorney and hopefully it will soon be dropped, but there are no guarantees. I just want to put this behind me but I don't think she should be able to just go on with her life like nothing ever happened. I want to go to the police but I don't want to deal with this anymore. I know I'll never get all of my money back because the IRS is now involved and we all know they get the money first and there won't be any left when they're finished. None of us have the money to spend on counter suing civilly so the only option is to go to the police, BUT, this woman is very vindictive and crazy and I'm afraid she might try to physically harm us. We've been warned by an attorney that I know personally to be careful because she's afraid this woman might harm us. So...maybe if I just leave it alone it'll go away...Or...it will never go away...what should I do?

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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