My mothers trust vs my conscience

Okay here is the dilema. My mom is my best friend, we share everything together and are amazingly close. Now I found out a few years back my mom was having an affair. It has been with the same man for over 5 years. She is in love with him and lights up when she tells me about him. I have never in my whole life seen her talk about my dad that way, she has never came out and said she isn't in love with him, but i can see it. She married my dad young and only because they got pregnant with my older brother.

Now not only am I keeping this a secret, I let her use me as an alibi. Like if my dad asks she hung out with me, or is spending the night with me or watching my kids. My father is clueless. I love him so much, and I hate seeing him be played. Though I would never betray my mom's confidence and rat her out. So I don't have a clue what to do. I am also afraid if her secret ever does come out, would my father forgive me if he found out I were helping her. I have been keeping her secret for 2 years and it is making me nuts. What would any of you do.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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Anonymous said...

your dad deserves to know the truth, but you should have her tell him. she should divorce him. it its horrible to deceive some one, let alone that she expects u to help deceive your father. tell her she has to tell him or u will. maybe leaving out the part about it being 5 years. just have her admit she loves some one else. and divorce. he will find out eventually and it will be a disaster. goodluck!