My life full of lies

To my friend Yanet.. I love you biatch!

First of all, I lied when I said I'm pregnant.. I know it was stupid but I wanted to get back to him. I told you I'm pregnant so you can tell your sancho.. but I'm sick of the lie already.

Second, I told you I had a second job, but I only went to that place to give a bj to my "sancho".

Third, but not least important, I looooooooooove your sancho, he's so fucking hot, I really think you don't deserve him. He's too good for you. I wish I can have mad sex with him, not like you that are always "2 shy to see him".. grow up!! If you don't see him soon he's gonna find someone else, or hopefully pretty soon he'll find me! I would gladly take him over. I love his nuts, and I get sick whenever you tell me he called you. I'm gonna call him one of these days.. I wanna hear that sexy voice and have those big hands all over me. By the way my dear nicaraguense, if you get the message: call me! for you I'll even ditch classes for the night, work, whatever.. I'm sorry I got laid with your friend first but.. I just wanted to meet the light chocolate power.. but it was dissapointing.. oh well.. luv ya!

PS. I know I look so nice and the kind of girl who wouldn't kill a fly, but I even fucked with a girl.. just one though. It was kinda weird.. loved the oral sex though.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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