Crippled people sex

I was always curious what it would be like to do it with a crippled girl. Would she be a dead-lay or would she be able to move around. How would it feel? Would she even get wet? I made a decision to find out the truth. There was a girl that helped out at our local library, motoring around in her wheelchair stacking books and stuff. I started chatting her up and eventually got her number. After visiting her at her house a few times and making out I invited her over to my place. I kicked my roomates out for the night and she came over. After getting dropped off by the cab I wheeled her in to my house. We had some drinks and started fooling around. I undid her seatbelt and put her over my shoulder fireman-style. I dropped her on the bed and we fooled around some more.

To save you the gory details, let me just say that she was horny as hell, BUT, she couldn't move her lower half. So she was half a dead lay, half a total slut. It was totally strange but I was digging it.
After satisfying my curiousity I dumped her and moved on. Crippled people sex wasn't that bad after all, but I couldn't tell any of my people because they'd laugh at me.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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