He was going to get some ass but

I was my second date with this man I had met through a mutual friend. We made small talk while waiting for our food. The waitress brought my second Long Island just as our food arrived. The plates are set down and suddenly my date takes the lemon off of my Long Island and then squeezes it over his food. I stare in shock and awe. He then tries to put it back on the rim of my glass but it slips down into my drink. He did this casually while talking about how great his job is. Then some one he knows walk by and he introduces us. The whole time i am thinking, "I don't want to meet your friend you fucking asshole. I don't even want to know one more thing about you!"

I shook his friends hand then excused myself to go to the washroom. I went inside, paced around for a minute then made right for the door. His back was to me as I walked out. I got in to my car and drove as fast as I could to my ex's house. Luckily for us both he was home. I went in and told him I was in the area and wanted to see him. We started making out and he ate me out right in the kitchen. After I kissed myself off of him I took him into the bedroom and fucked him harder than I ever had before.

I felt a little guilty afterwards because the story I couldn't tell him was the reason I was looking so good and nicely shaven was because I was going to give my date some ass until he turned into a nasty pig. While he was squeezing my lemon juice all I kept thinking was, "My ex wouldn't have done that. I wish I could be out with him instead"

*sidenote - I ended up marrying my ex.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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