This has been eating at me for 5 years now

I was involved in what I thought was finally a great relationship. We bought a house, he planned to adopt my kids, and we were engaged. He made 6 figures and was great at his job and allowed me to be a stay at home mom. Everything seemed great. Until, I let my 2 kids visit their dad in another state for a month.

All of a sudden he acted different etc. From the beginning he had said he didnt usually date people with kids. So, I never thought he would in a million years be a weirdo in that sense. As a matter of fact, whenever I called him in to look at the kids playing in the tub with a funny "bubble hat" or something he just said that he would rather respect their privacy. I should have thought then that something was wrong.

...Now, I have gotten ahold of a video I got off of him around the time we had split up...

To make a long story short... he turned out to be evil! And he ruined my life. I am still paying for my choice in being with him etc. I never knew he was that way until it was too late. Now, I have gotten ahold of a video I got off of him around the time we had split up. I thought it was lost forever. He made a webcam video of him "orally" playing with the black lab he has. I have spoken with an officer about him doing it and they say it is not illegal as he didnt do anything other than use his mouth etc.. but, does that also mean I could post it online for his friends and family to see? Or would that be some kind of defamation of character or harrassment? I don't need to be in trouble right now... I have enough to deal with. I am happily married and have a new baby and all is finally good in my life. I have thought about burning it to numerous disks and having someone from another state send it to a "list" of his "people" so he couldnt prove I did it, but I am sure that can be proven somehow... I need to know what you guys would do. I have tried to just go about my life and just be thankful I am no longer there etc.. but.. I guess even after 5 years.. I am still pretty pissed off.

In retrospect... he hated football... this probably should have been a sign of some sort.

Any advice?? Advice that will not end up with me getting in tons of trouble?

*Pissed off and Still Looking to Get Even


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