Do you own a VW?

You need to buy a alarm if you don't already have one.

I often wondered how to let you know with out incriminating myself. I may have stolen your car. If you were a victim I am really sorry. I have gone on and become a decent person and have had my car stolen too.

...used to steal VWs all the time. At least 50-60 i figure and I lost count...

I am writing this because you need to know how easy it is so you can do something. Public service i guess.

I used to steal VWs all the time. At least 50-60 i figure and I lost count a few times. Not trying to brag but in 35 seconds I was gone.
It was easy too.
Push flathead screwdriver under the doorhandle and in to door. Pop the lock. Thes shadow from doorhandle hides screwdriver hole handy when yer driving later. Starting is no problem thanks to the plastic ignition peice that I carried. I smashed apart an old ignition and took the peice that the wiring harness went on to. I just had to unplug the wiring hardness and clip in on to mine then I turned it with the screwdriver and varoom it starts. Then I brake the steering easy with myfoot. It is so cold that the metal freezes and is easy to bust. I used to just hotwaire but that took longer. Once I got the plastic thing I saved time.

So anyways. I guess you can use this info in case you ever lock your keys in the car and no way to get home. If you own a vw get a alarm because you car is really easy to steal. I am sorry again.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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