I don't want to tell her, it'll ruin the fun

I have been reading these stories all day. Mine is a little different.

I love my wife in many ways. Sometimes I do things I can't tell her just because then it would ruin the fun for me. Just last night I did something else that makes me realize just how much I love her.

I was thirsty before bed so I went to get some juice. I poured the remains of the juice jug into my glass. I was about to drink it when I suddenly realized that if I drank this cup of juice, she would have to make another jug instead of being able to quench her thirst. So I poured it all back in the jug and drank water instead.

This is a story I can't tell only because I like doing these kinds of things for her, things she will never realize I am doing. It makes my love stronger.

Grand Bend


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