What I tell people when they ask about my son

I usually tell them that he's doing great, still in college, still working hard to get his business degree. I have most people still convinced that my son might actually go places, might be a credit to society.

Instead he sleeps on the streets, occasionally finding a friend's couch to bed down on. I haven't seen him in just over 8 months, the last time was a quick glance as I passed him while on the train. He was down near the same shelter that we both had volunteered at years before, and I was on the train, looking down at the streets passing by.

Drugs and alcohol now cloud his mind, when before his hopes and aspirations filled his mind. He now relies on a needle or a bottle, when before he'd rely on his good judgement and mature attitude to help him past trying times.

I miss my little boy and I wish he'd come back.

T. L.


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