Funny money

Now that Christmas is over and New Year's is on it's way I can get this off my chest.

Ten years ago I had some problems getting money together for Christmas presents. Things were tight around my place and the little money I had, I spent it on food and gas. I was thinking that nobody would get gifts from me until I had a great idea.

...I printed out close to $500 that Christmas and went shopping...

Before I had lost my job I had bought a high-end computer and laser printer. I scanned a $10 bill and printed one out just to see. I thought it looked pretty good so I went to the am/pm and bought something. They took it without a second glance.

I printed out close to $500 that Christmas and went shopping at any store where I knew someone. I used to work in retail so I knew quite a few people. They didn't even think I was using funny money, too busy talking to me because we knew each other.

Everyone's gift that year was bought for free. I haven't done that since and won't again but it sure did work at the time.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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