He's the grinch

2 weeks before Christmas and my buddy has turned into the grinch. He told me last night that he found this guys wallet yesterday in a parking lot. He said he was walking between the cars and he kicked something. he looked down and saw a wallet so he scooped it. Then he tells me there was over a thousand it it. He said he thought about it for a second when he got in his car. Then he took the cash and dropped the wallet back down.
I laughed at first when he told me then got pissed off when I realized it was probably some guys Christmas money.
He told me he's real poor right now and I know that's true. He told me he's keeping the cash. Maybe I can convince he to pay it back to the guy or something. He probably got his wallet back. After this I am not too sure I want to hang with him any more. What ever happened to being a Good Samaritan?

Name kept secret


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