Broke into the bar

Me and a buddy decided we needed some cash. We broke into this bar when it was closed and were trying to open the safe, when we noticed flashing lights outside. We ran to the windows and saw that the police has set up a drinking and driving checkpoint, right outside the bar! After panicing for a bit, we stayed and took everything out of the safe and a shitload of meat and cheese from the freezer. We took our time while the flashing blue and red lights kept the bar lit up for us. We drove out after the police let and it was all good!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request



Anonymous said...

Pretty ballsy. Doing dirt right under the coppers noses.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Post-er:

We hope you've learned that the best way for you and a buddy to get some cash is to go out and work for it. Breaking and entering hurts everyone. The owner of the property, the police who have to waste time dealing with that, when they should be out catching murderers and rapists.

Hopefully you've cleaned up your act a little.