I have a secret, about my behind

I shave my ass.
I'm not hairy all over, but my ass resembles Chewbacca.
I shave it on a weekly basis, from top to bottom, side to side.
No one has ever noticed for a couple reasons.
1)I never walk around nude
2)My girlfriend(s) never found out cause I made sure I was freshly shaven before they came over.

So there you have it. My ass is beastly when I don't pay it proper attention

Name withheld upon request
Location witheld upon request


Anonymous said...

No way Jose. You are for real? Shaving your ass? Hilarity!

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with that. I shave my balls and trim my pubic hair and occasionally shave around the anus. girls love it man. they lick and suck much better knowing that I'm keeping it clean for them.

Anonymous said...

As the fiancee of a seriously hairy man, I have some experience with male butt-hair. What is that about? For all the girlfriends of all the hairy men out there -- Thank You!!!

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Hey man you ain't the only one with a fuzzy ass. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Just keep it clean and smellin' nice and the ladies won't mind!