A secret about stealing

Let’s see…Where do I start?
A year ago, I worked at this restaurant downtown. I was just a waiter nothing special. The sous chef was my roommate and he got me the job.
After a month or so of working there, me and the roommate had an idea. Since we were always broke it seemed and without food in the fridge, we decided to start taking home food after our shift.
We started by taking blocks of cheese. They were pretty big and had to cost a bunch. Then we moved on to steaks(great on our BBQ), prime ribs, chicken, pork, we took anything we could get our hands on. It was geat being able to eat well at home for once, instead of kraft dinner or pork & beans!
Not telling you where I am from. Just in case. My roommate is now the chef there and I quit a few months into the job.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld

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The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Now I know why food in restaurants is so expensive. I hardly go out anymore.