I swear to GOD

My parents are total idiots. Not only do they not care about what I do, but when they attempt to show some interest it sounds foney. I wish I could switch family with soemone else. Anyone else!

I bet they wouldn't even miss me if I were to take off. They'd miss someone to boss around, someone to clean the house, they'd miss their little slave-girl.

They wouldn't even notice I am gone.

Ashleigh in London

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The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Ashleigh:

We're positive your parents love you. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, they find themselves wrapped up with work or life and unable to spend quality time with you.

Don't fret. They'll come around soon. Give them a little more patience and time, you'll see that they realy care about you and your feelings.

Just remember they love you, unconditionally. That's something that comes automatically when you become a parent.

Take care