A horrible secret

When I turned 18, my dad kicked me out of the house. I had no job and no money. I went to stay with a buddy in his little 1 bedroom basement apartment. He had no furniture or anything. We made a plan. Since we both had very little money and no furniture we decided to do something about it.

2 days later we stole a moving truck. One of those 1-ton ones. We drove to a place where we knew there was a bunch of cabins. It was in October so we figured the cabins would be closed for the winter. Sure enough they were. we spent the day breaking in to cabins and taking everything we needed for our place. Tables, chairs, lamps, a couple futons, tv, vcr, stereo you name it. We drove back home unloaded our new furnishings then dumped the truck. At the time we didn't give a shit, but looking back I feel serious guilt for what we did.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request



Anonymous said...


You are a fucking asshole. Thiefs are the lowest form of life, next to cockroaches.

Have fun in life. One day KARMA will give you one huge kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

you did what you had to do. but now that youre stable you should do something to make up for it. donate to charities or something

Anonymous said...

Thats a lie

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

I love the charities idea. Give back for all the anger and pain you caused those home owners.