I killed

I killed my hamster when I was 8. I took it out of it's cage to play with it, when it tried to bite me and get away. I squeezed it so it wouldn't fall out of my hands. I squeezed it too hard and it died. I put it back in the cage and tried to make it move. It didn't. I snuck out of the room. When my parents found the dead hamster, they asked me but I told them I had no idea what happened.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


Anonymous said...

I think I heard that people that kill animals as a child, turn into cereal killers.

So Fruit Loop...Kill anyone lately?

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

We're sure it was an accident. It doesn't sound like you intentionally killed your pet.

You've probably learned from this incident. A little more gentle from now perhaps?

Thanks for your post!