A confession

I spat in my bosses Starbucks latte yesterday before giving it to him. He had been riding my ass all last week, then started up again on Monday. So I decided that I had enough. I brought him a latte as is the usual, this time I added a little extra shot of cream. Funny thing is, he told me later it tastes funny! Maybe he'll start getting his own latte now?

Susan in Seattle, laughing her ass off



Anonymous said...

Ya, when my boss makes me actually work when im at work i get pissed and do stupid things too.

Anonymous said...

One problem anonymous. I was working my ass off, doing not only my job but his too! He's too fat and lazy to do his own work, so he dumps it onmy desk!

Susan in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Then get another job, loser

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Hey Susan

I laughed. For a while actually. Right up until I realized that I had been an asshole boss in the past. I wonder what I ended up drinking.