He took it and lied about it

My older brother started getting into some heavier drugs around 6 months ago. We were used to seeing him high on weed or drunk, but suddenly things became worse. I ended up finding a rig in his dresser, looking as if it had been used.
Then things started going missing. A new pack of batteries, an old timex watch that I had, cd's, dvd's and a couple of playstation games. We figure he was taking stuff and selling it to get his fix.
We were sorta ignoring his behaviour and his stealing, hoping that it would just go away.

Then my great-geat grandfathers ring went missing and the shit hit the fan so to speak. The ring was in the family for years and it meant a lot to my mom. We asked him about it, he denied, and we ended up throwing him out of the house. A few weeks later he got arrested for posession of drugs. Since it wasn't his first experience with the police, he ended up going to jail. he's been there ever since.

He has never fessed up about the ring. We all knew he took it, we just need him to admit it. We can't tell the rest of the family about it, because of our "status" in the community. We're considered "high-society" around here and it would a huge scandal if we told people that we have a junkie in the family.

We just want the ring back. We could start to forgive if he just gave it back!

Name withheld upon request
Somewhere in NY


Anonymous said...

Hey, I’m sorry to hear your grandfather lost his ring, and I’m sure he's very upset about it. But, I feel your focus should be on your brother. A life, after all, is far more greater then a ring. Trust me, from having lost loved ones, a ring is the least of the things I would give up to get them back. So, before you lose your brother for good, spend your time and your family's time to one, get him out, and two, to help him recover. A ring can bring back the memories of times past, a loved one can help share those times with you.

My 2 cents!

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GrasshopperBoy said...

wow...so the ring is more important than your brother? profound thought man (if u can't tell, i'm being sarcastic here)

Anonymous said...

Since when is it a scandal that someone in your family is a drug addict? I wouldn't be proud of it, but it shouldn't affect what others think of you. The problem is your brother's, not yours. I don't know, I was just annoyed that you used the term, "high-society" to describe your family. We are all humans and have our mistakes. Why advertise yourself as perfect or "high class?" The problem with your brother obviously shows that even "status" does not dismiss true human behavior. You should try not to think of yourself in this way. Maybe you don't but it seems that like to me. I am sorry for what is happening in your family, but don't let it bother you so much.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, homey... that ring is long, long gone. Take it from an ex-junkie. Whenever we get something, it don't last long. ...ironically, just like the high...

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

I'd agree with the poster above. That ring is ghost. So move on to what is really important. Your family. Get your brother some much needed help.

You can always buy another ring. You can't buy a new brother.