Holy Condoms

I hated this guy named Marcus.
Our class went on a end of the year class trip and I ended up being in his room. When he left, I put pin holes through each of his condoms.

I haven't seen him since. Years later and I sometimes catch myself wondering ever happened and if he has children.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass. That was a stupid thing to do. What if he did use them and he got someone pregnant?

Pretty low blow man.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke right? tell me no one would be that stupid.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Post-er:

This was a very irresponsible thing to do. Not only might you have caused an unwanted pregnancy, but you might have caused Marcus or any of his partners to transmit STD's back and forth between each other.

We think it is appropriate that you have some guilt now. Glad to hear that you've matured and realized that it was not a very intelligent thing to do.