Sorry bro, i railed your girlfriend

My girlfriend in highschool was a 10, abolutely physically perfect in every way, she even got scouted for playboy her senior year. We had been dating for 3 years and were very much in love with each other, the only problem being she was a year younger. I stayed fairly close for college, and it was only until she graduated and went to school in Florida that we started to grow apart. A year went by and we both tried to move on. She did, and ended up getting into a fairly serious relationship, but i never really could. Last week, she came home because Miami was wrecked by a hurricane, she was staying at one of my best friends girlfriends house thats pretty close to me. Were still friends, so i went to hang out with her and our friends practically every night. One night, in the house she was staying at, it was just me, my ex, and my boy's GF. We started to get drunk, and that turned into wasted. I started to make out with my ex just because it felt comfortable, right in front of her friend. After awhile we started getting into it, and by the time i had my shirt off, i noticed the other girl touching herself. My ex grabbed this girl by the arm, and shit started to get crazy, long story short, i fucked them both on my best friends bed, i even cleaned myself up with one of his old t-shirts. It was pretty amazing, and no one really found out, but know i feel guilty for betraying my friends trust, and wiping spooge on his clothes. Plus, i didnt use a condom at all, and my best friend said his gf still makes him put one on every night. I dont feel sorry i banged my ex, because the guy shes dating now is a fucking douchebag...i almost wish i had herpes so i could pass them along to him.



Anonymous said...

Thats fucked up i hope your friend never finds out how big an ass you are.

Anonymous said...

You want herpes??!!

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this one. Sounds like you got drunk and had one hell of a jerk-off fantasy. Don't feel bad...we've all been there at one time or another.

Look on the bright side, write a little more detail and send it into Penthouse Forum, they by BS stories all the time. Peace.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...


I was feelin the story until the herpes part. I wouldn't wish that any anyone man. Not at all.

Threesomes are wicked!