I feel guilty

I used to run this after-hours club in Vancouver. We rarely had any problems as I also owned a nightclub security company, and my guys would come to the after-hours after their shifts had ended.

There are quite a few “fight” stories, but only one that I have guilt over.

A guy was pulled out by my staff, for allegedly trying to put his hand up one of my girl’s skirts, then calling her a bunch of names after he was told to piss off. I told him he was done for the night, so he went and stood beside the club.

Normally things would have ended, but for some reason, this guys kept beaking off about this and that, and you don’t know who I know and all that. I snapped and ran towards him, smashing him in the face with my elbow. I had stopped punching years before after incidents with the police. I would normally slap a guy, but this guy just sent me over the edge.

He spun around twice from the force of the blow. He landed face down, unconscious. I instantly felt bad for the guy. My guys dragged him around the side of the building, checked his pulse, then laid him down.

Minutes later he got up, tried to run a few steps, then fell flat again.

He did this three times before making it across the street and out of our sight.

To this day, I wish I could go back. I would have just slapped the guy as opposed to the elbow.

I doubt he’d ever read this, but hey, you never know.

Sorry man. I hope there wasn't any lingering effects!

BigDawg in BC



Anonymous said...

You fucking bully!

Anonymous said...

Beating up a drunk, you're tough. Any time you want to test your metal with a US Marine let me know. By the way Canada still sucks.

Anonymous said...

"test your metal"
"by the way Canada still sucks."

Another intelligent American.

Anonymous said...

Dear BigDawg in BC:

This is a situation that could have turned bad, quickly. We hope that the person you assaulted does not have any lingering effects.

Next time, a little more restraint perhaps?