I played peek-a-boob with my Prof

I was excited to hear that I had him for this class. I had heard from a couple girlfriends that he was hot. One the first day of class I found out the rumours were true. He was a total hottie! He had brown hair and brown eyes, he dressed very nice and he had great shoes. Sounds silly but I was checking him out during the whole class, barely listening to what he was saying.

I decided I wanted to make some moves. The initial ones were subtle, a low cut shirt, a shorter skirt that I would normally wear. Day after day without fail I’d catch him looking down at my chest or at my legs, so I knew for sure he wasn’t gay.(Some of the rumours stated that he was too hot to be straight).

After a few classes, I figured it was time to spread it a little thicker. When ever I had questions for him, I made sure to bend over his desk to ensure that he could see down my top. I wore some of my sexiest bra’s and I know he enjoyed the view. A couple time he’d look up at my face and be all red-checked and embarrassed. He certainly enjoyed our little game of peek-a-boob.

A month or so into classes, I finally decided to make my move. I slipped a note between a paper that I had handed in. I wrote on the paper, “If you like what you’ve seen, meet me outside at 4 today. I’ll be in the blue car.” I was excited for the rest of the day, watching the time tick, getting more excited just thinking about what I was going to do to him.

I went and sat in my car at 3:50, checking myself in the mirror. I touched myself in anticipation, finding heat and moisture down below.

Then right on cue, he was knocking on my window. I had my skirt pulled up a little, showing more than enough of my nice legs. My blouse was opened at the neck, and from his position above me, I knew he’d be getting an eyeful of my lacy bra and my ample chest pushing out of it. I rolled down the window and asked him if he’d like to go for ride.

He told me that he’d rather follow me in his car, he didn’t want to get into mine in case someone saw. I told him fine, and to follow me. He jogged back to his car as I drove slowly out of the parking lot. Then he pulled in behind me and we drove out of the parking lot and down to a park that was about 10 minutes away.

The whole way there I was rubbing myself, occasionally slipping a finger inside my panties to feel the wetness. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, yet I could do nothing to stop it.

We parked in the park. He got out of his car and into mine. Barely two words were spoken before he leaned over to me and kissed me. We made out for minutes, his tongue exploring my mouth, my tongue tasting his sweet saliva. Everything about him was sweet. From the way he tasted to the way he dressed. Before long he had his hand on my boob, quickly finding my nipple and pinching it, making it hard. He slipped one tit out of my bra and spend some time massaging and rubbing it, making sure to pay attention to the nipples. As he played with my tits and kissed me, I began sliding my hand up his inner thigh. I could feel his leg muscles through his jeans, just as I could feel myself getting wetter. I moved my hand up his leg and rested it on his dick. I could feel it pulse as I touched it. It felt thick and swollen and I could tell that he was cut. I decided at that instant that I needed to suck it.

I unzipped his pants and pushed him back so he was laying back in the seat. He had a wild look in his eyes and I caressed his swollen cock. I gently kissed the tip, teasing him. He kept putting his hand on the back of my head to make me put the whole thing in his mouth, but I resisted. I wanted him to be as worked up as I was.

I licked up and down his dick, feeling the veins and each and every contour of his thick cock. I licked the taste and the texture of it, so within minutes of me taking it out, his dick was deep inside my mouth. I gently played with his balls as I sucked on him, taking my free hand and sliding it up and down his swollen shaft. He was hard as a rock and I was now wearing wet panties. I licked all around his head, looking up and into his eyes. I could tell he was turned on, his face was contorting and he kept shifting himself so that I’d have more of his dick in my mouth. I took my hand off his balls and grabbed hold of his hand. I took it and put it under my skirt, resting in on my smooth thigh. He took over as soon as I moved my hand away, searching for and finding my clit. He touched it and fireworks went off inside me body. I felt a tingle go all the way up to the top of my head.
He slipped a finger (or two?) inside me and I felt myself reaching a point that I hadn’t felt since last year at the cabin with Stu.(More on him another time!).

I kept sucking on him, while he kept dipping a finger in and out of me. We both sped up, his fingers plunging deep inside me while I slobbered all over his dick, my hand tightly going up and down. He made some noises I had never heard before, and seconds later told me he was going to cum.

I had decided prior that I wouldn’t let him cum in my mouth, only because I wasn’t too fond of the taste. I am not exactly sure why I decided otherwise this time, looking back it must have been my overall heightened state of arousal.

His sack suddenly got tighter and I felt his head quickly get bigger. I knew what was going to happened next. I grabbed hold of his dick, took it out of my mouth, just as the first shot hit my in the cheek. I let a couple more shots hit me in the face, the whole time looking straight into his eyes. Then I popped his dick back in my mouth and was rewarded with some hot, thick shots of cum. One hit the back of my throat, almost causing me some problems. I eagerly sucked the rest of his cum out, trying me best to milk every drop out. I put my fingers tightly around his dick , starting at the base, then worked my way up so the last sweet drop of his cum dripped into my mouth. It tasted sweet, sweeter than I had ever tasted. There wasn’t even the smell that I’m used to. I swallowed it without any problems, thinking the whole time that I wished there was more.

He told me that he never had a girl swallow him before, I told him that I had only done that once before. He said I was a “pro”. I didn’t take that personal, but now I’d rather he would have used another term. I wiped my face on my sweater in the back seat, then thanked the Prof from his time. He thanked me and told me that he’d see me in class the following day. He got out of my car, back into his and away he drove.

I sat there for a couple of minutes by myself, rubbing my clit trying to finish what he started. It didn’t take me long to get myself worked back up, thinking of his thick dick in my mouth. Within minutes I had my leg over the other seat and I was fingering myself as I touched my swollen and sensitive clit. Seconds later I came, my body shuddering and shaking, my legs turning to jello. My hand quickly got sticky, my fingers sore after all the work they did.

I drove home and showered, still tasting him in my mouth for the rest of the night.

I took the next day off, not wanting to have to face him. I did go to my next class after that, only to find that he was off sick. It was around two weeks before I saw him again, passing him in the hall. He simply smiled and nodded, something he did with everyone. At the next class, he was his normal self, polite and patient with us. I noticed no change in his personality thankfully. The last thing I wanted was to feel weird going into his classes.

The rest of the year was uneventful, we never spoke of it or anything. I did get a good mark in his class, without even applying myself much. I enjoyed my little time with my Prof, but I’d not do it again. Something’s in life you don’t want to do twice, it just makes the first time less special!

Name withheld upon request
Somewhere in California


Anonymous said...

Would have been a great story, if you would not have lifted it from others!

Anonymous said...

This has happened to someone else?
What school?

Damn. I must have went to the wrong school. Nothing like this ever happened at Boston College!

Anonymous said...

hmmm sounds familiar...yeah it is..seen it before on some magazine

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

I've heard this before. It happened to a girlfriend of mine a year and a half ago. She lives in Cali too. Maybe it is the same story?

Maybe this kind of thing happens often?

None of my teachers have ever been hot enough for me to even thing about them in that context. Maybe I too went to the wrong school.