Dear The Stories You Cannot Tell

Thanks for putting this blog out there for the world to see. I posted my own story I cannot tell a week ago. (not telling which one!)

Since then, I resolved a few issues in my life and I think I've turned the corner now.
After I posted my story I felt different, knowing that others would be reading what I wrote.

It was kinda liberating actually, so I came back today to read other's stories or secrets.

I've spent the last hour reading all these stories and I've come to one conclusion.

It could be worse. I ain't the only one with issues!

Keep up the good work!

Denver, Colorado


Blog Intro said...

Intorduced! on

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Bruce:

You are most welcome! We created this blog for our own stories and secrets, then found that we weren't the only ones that needed a place to post their own stories and secrets.

Now everyone wins!

Thanks for your post.