Secret pitstops

I find myself on the road allot. Sometimes I get the urge to have sex, but since I am not dating, I have to take matter into my own hands.
I pull my truck over and park somewhere, usually in a mall or shopping center. I drive a 5-ton truck, so I don't look unusual sitting there. I lay my head back and masterbate, No one can see me, sitting high in my cab. I do my thing, then continue onfor the rest of my day.

Jarome I.

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The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Well, this is one that we hadn't heard before. We don't know if this is a great idea, what if someone see's you? Isn't that indecent exposure?

Instead of doing that, why not just take a few minutes and relax. Maybe read a book or something to take your mind off things. How about some romance in your life?

Sound like you need to get back to dating. Give a try! You'll be happy it did!

Good luck!