Secret pitstops

I find myself on the road allot. Sometimes I get the urge to have sex, but since I am not dating, I have to take matter into my own hands.
I pull my truck over and park somewhere, usually in a mall or shopping center. I drive a 5-ton truck, so I don't look unusual sitting there. I lay my head back and masterbate, No one can see me, sitting high in my cab. I do my thing, then continue onfor the rest of my day.

Jarome I.


The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Well, this is one that we hadn't heard before. We don't know if this is a great idea, what if someone see's you? Isn't that indecent exposure?

Instead of doing that, why not just take a few minutes and relax. Maybe read a book or something to take your mind off things. How about some romance in your life?

Sound like you need to get back to dating. Give a try! You'll be happy it did!

Good luck!