My secret illness

I tested positive for H.I.V, one year ago last week. To this day I am unsure how I contracted it, but regardless, I have it. I haven't told my family, nor my friends, nor have I told the soccer team I play on. I don't know how to tell people without them assuming that I am gay or have been gay. I've never slept with a man in my life, but as soon as I mention HIV the assumption is made.
I've stayed single since finding out, afraid of even dating.
I don't know what the hell I am supposed to do. I feel lost.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request



Anonymous said...

I don't think you should worry about telling your family about your illness - they are the people that you should trust the most. They will support you through everything. Having people think you're gay is not a big issue at this point. After telling your family, give it some time, then begin to tell your friends. You'll probably have to quit playing soccer as result (one reason being safety). But I would be very surprised if people weren't supportive of you...

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Sorry to hear about your illness.

Your family is sure to support you. That's what family is all about. Support even in trying times.

You have some difficult times ahead no doubt. We hope that you can find the strength to get through it!