I meant to hit her

We were throwing rocks down into a ravine. Me, her and her stupid cousin.

She was teasing me and wouldn't stop. Told me I threw like a girl. I yelled at her to stop bugging me. I told her I could throw the rock further than her or her cousin.

I picked up a rock and threw it, hitting her right above her eye, cutting it open.
There was blood streaming down her face, it was very dramatic. She had to go to the hospital and get stitches.

I didn't really "mean" to hit her, but I was looking right at her when I threw it.

Oshawa, Ontario


Anonymous said...

That's the way you solved your problem with her teasing you? Throw a rock at her head?

Maybe next time, walk away. Just a thought.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear T.T.:

You started your post saying that you "meant" to hit this girl. Then you changed your mind and told us you didn't mean to hit her.

On purpose or not, violence is not the answer. You should have walked away and done something else. If she was teaasing you, perhaps you should have told her parents or another adult.

Remember, conflict must not be resolved with anger. It must be resolved with patience!

Best wishes