Evil Desire

it all started out when i was 15. when i and clement were posted to the same class. i noticed that he wasn't like other guys. he was so soft. so fair. so elegant. like a girl. but he wasn't those kinda weird ass faggots. he was SO hot i was just turned on by him.

soon i found out that he lived really near me. and i decided to make my move. i offered to go back home with him everyday and yes soon we were really good friends. he never knew i looked at him that way or had that kind of feelings for him. everytime during physical education i'd just look at him and his sexy arms and legs. and just sigh in awe. i'd dream of him in all sorts of ways every night.

then soon his bday was approaching. i really had no idea what to get him so i called him, and lied about wanting him to tell me what to buy for a friend. in the process i got to know what he would want for his bday. and then 2 months later i sorta told him how much he meant to me and gave him the wallet he wanted and a keychain with his name engraved on it. and he was just SO touched and i never felt as close to him before.

but then disaster stuck. i sorta was upset about what he did the other day to me and instead of msging my friend i STUPIDLY msged him instead. and poof everything was shattered. he started hated me, calling me a fake and told me to just stay away from him. i'd never ever see him get this mad or angry over anything. he was always just so cool and calm you know. i even tried to send him a 'sorry' card and continued to msg him. but the last msg he sent me was: im never gonna msg you again. don't expect me to ever reply again.

and since then we never made up. we have never seen eye to eye or even talked to each other for just about a year now. just 2 months after the incident he migrated to australia for further studies. took me a while to get over him. he even came back to visit some of my friends and i. thoughout the whole lunch we never looked nor said a word to each other. but now i like someone else who happens to live really near me too.

at least this time its a GIRL. i've always liked girls like any other teenager but somehow with clement it was different. he was special.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


Anonymous said...

that is a great story...sorry it didnt work out!

Anonymous said...

Dude, thats fucked up. If some guy was hitting on me i'd leave too.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

It's a shame he couldn't look past your mistake and the two of you weren't still friends.

One problem people didn't have before the age of the internet. You never accidently mailed a letter to the wrong person, or talked to the wrong person on the phone.

Sometimes I find myself double checking the address I am sending too, just to make sure it's not going to land in the wrong inbox.

Good luck with your new flame!